• April 26, 2019

A Small Guide On The MMR Dota 2

Dota 2 was first launched almost 8 years back in 2011 and now it is being played by a large part of the population across the globe. The game has become so popular that the developers were forced to introduce a new game system called MMR. Dota 2 MMR is nothing but a system which determines the skill rate of the players.

MMR (Matchmaking Rating) allow players to find opponents and teammates based on their skill level. The advantage of this new game system is that both the players should find teammate of equal skill. So, it is definitely a fair game. 

More about the Dota 2 MMR is explained here.

All the games in player Vs. player mode fall into two categories which are Ranked match and Unranked match.

Ranked Match:

This is a game where the MMR Dota 2 boost is witnessed based on the result. It has mainly three gaming modes. Those are Ranked all pick, Captains mode and Random draft. 

  • Ranked All Pick game: Here, few heroes are first banned by the players. And then, the players need to select heroes from the remaining list. 
  • Captains mode: Here, Captains from each team choose and ban heroes one by one.
  • Random Draft: Here, a list of 50 heroes is automatically generated after which the players get to select their most preferred heroes from the list. 

Unranked Match:

This is a simple game where the MMR progress is not at all affected by the game. This game has 10 modes and those are: All Pick, Turbo, Ability draft, Single Draft, Random Draft, All Random, Captains draft, Captains mode, least played and the All Random Deathmatch. 

In order to unlock the Ranked match, players must play 25 matches first in the unranked mode.