I Thought You Liked This Technology – Why Are You Upset the Government Invested In It?

The other day, I had a few friends over at the house, and we were discussing the latest and greatest technologies which will solve many of the problems that mankind faces, some imaginary, and some quite serious. Indeed one of the individuals reminded me that the government has just invested in one of these new […]

Technology Electronics and How It Works

In the area of technology electronics, you will learn the basics of electricity and electronics. When studying this vast field you will learn about all kinds of things from circuitry to microprocessors. Electronics is the branch of technology and engineering that deals with circuits and active live electrical components. The ability of electronic components to […]

Technology and Today’s Tween or Teen: Is It Hurting Our Future Generation?

Today’s preteens and teens are drastically more stressed than the generations before them. Can this account for the increased usage of TV’s, laptops, social media, tablets, smartphones and i-pods? Parents are often stuck worried and wondering if these gadgets are hurting our next generation. While, technologies impact on the preteen/teen brain is a new area […]